Graduate Students:

Sagnik Basumallik, PhD Student

Sagnik Basumallik is a PhD student in Electrical Engineering at Syracuse University. His main research interests in power system include Controlled Islanding, Contingency Analysis, RAS/SPS, Voltage Security Assessment, Transient and Small Signal Stability analysis. His current research focuses on cyber-security of impact analysis of power networks. He has served as a TA and mentored graduate and undergraduate students in Electrical Engineering Fundamentals, Intro to Probability and Intro to Data Science. He also serves as a University Senator and is a part of the Finance Committee of the Graduate Student Organization.



Mirjavad Hashemi-Gavgani, PhD Student

Mirjavad Hashemi is a PhD student in Electrical Engineering at Syracuse University. He has obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Iran University of Science and Technology and his Master’s from Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, Iran. His main research interests include power system simulation and analysis. In the course of his studies, he has worked on the projects about voltage stability in power systems, cascading failure models, and power system planning with high penetration of renewable energy resources. Implementing machine learning techniques for voltage stability prediction, developing graph models for system failures, and optimization under uncertainty are the main challenges he has been involved through these projects.


Wolf Peter Jean Philippe, PhD Student

Wolf Peter Jean Philippe received the Bachelor degree in electromechanical engineering from Faculty of Sciences of the State University of Haiti (FDS-UEH) in 2012, and the M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from Syracuse University, New York, USA, in 2015.  He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Syracuse University, where he started his doctoral study since August of 2015. His main research areas areas include: demand response, modelling of wind power variation, power system operation and control under high wind power penetration.


Rui Ma, PhD Student

Rui Ma received his B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Central South University, Changsha, China, in 2014 and the M.S. degree from The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH in 2016. He is currently working towards the Ph.D. degree at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. His research interests include Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) in smart grids, power system reliability and security.


Undergraduate Students:

Yi Zhou, Electrical Engineering Major

Yi Zhou is an undergraduate student in Electrical Engineering at Syracuse University. He joined the lab as a rising junior in May 2018 when he earned his minor in statistics. His research work has contributed to power system planning with high penetration of renewable energy resources and community solar energy.


Past Students:

Guangyuan  Shi, MSEE  — now at  State Grid Economic and Technological Research Institute, Beijing, china

Guangyuan Shi now is working at State Grid Economic and Technological Research Institute in Beijing, China. He earned his B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering & Automation from North China Electric Power University in 2015, and M.S degree in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University in 2017. During graduate studies, he worked on probabilistic power flow calculation and renewable energy forecasting. Upon graduation, he was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award  from Syracuse University. His current research interests are Distribution Network planning and designing, renewable energy consumption, and power grid reliability analysis.


Ansumana Bangura, Undergraduate student, Mechanical Engineering Major now at Cornell University

Ansumana Bangura is a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University. His research interests revolve around using renewable and sustainable energy to power cities. During his summer of research in the  lab, he investigated ways of integrating demand response into unit commitment models used for optimizing electricity production.